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The wine bug is an insidious thing. Once you have it, you are never so happy as when there is a ferment bubbling away, transforming those little pouches of sweetness into an alluring and potent liquid. Like an energetic child, the grape provides challenges at every stage: growth, ripeness, ferment and maturity. It is an act of faith to work through each stage, where waywardness can threaten getting to that final goal: balanced clarity of expression.

Situated at the micro end of the wine business spectrum, Utter wines produced by Riverhouse Wine & Truffles are the highly personal products of the son and father who grow, harvest, and ferment the grapes, and shepherd these wines along their path.

Our Wines

  • Utter Pinot Noir 2015
  • Utter Riesling 2015
  • Utter Shiraz 2014


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Phone: 0418 148 877 (Adrian Utter) or 0411 550 519 (Robert Utter)